Attorney Rachel L.L. Caplan

Personal Statement:   I am a 1994 graduate of the University of Wisconsin Law School, and have practiced family law in Wisconsin since my graduation.   I am drawn to family law because of the tremendous opportunity which it presents to help people during a time of growth and change.  Family law, particularly with clients experiencing a divorce, requires much more than a simple analysis of who is entitled to what.  I believe that I make a difference for my clients through conversations about what is happening, both personally and legally, in their situation.  I help clients understand what information they need, help them obtain and analyze that information, understand what different options are available, and make informed decisions about what options best fit the values and priorities of each client.   

I have experience in a broad range of family law issues.  Examples of case situations which I have handled include:

-Retrieving, for clients from Europe and Australia, children whose other parent had kidnapped them to the United States.
-Retaining custody and placement in the United States, for clients whose overseas spouses had threatened to remove their children to other countries
-Divorce property division and maintenance cases including valuation of small business ownership issues and complex income determination questions.
-Divorce property division cases successfully preserving one spouses' interest in money received from other family members.
-Placement cases involving complex addiction and mental health problems.
-Support cases involving evaluation of income and earning potential issues.
-Placement cases involving the emergency removal of children from unsafe situations.
-Mediation of divorces where the parties owned businesses together.
-Property division in dissolution of unmarried relationships.


     U.W. Law School, Juris Doctor, 1991-1994
     Carleton College, B.A. History; 1986-1990

Teaching and Publications:

     State Bar of Wisconsin
         -GAL Training, Basic
         -GAL Training, Advanced
     National Business Institute
         -Divorce Finances
         -Contempt Remedies in Family Law
     University of Wisconsin Law School-guest lectured in several classes on guardian ad litem practice

      State Bar of Wisconsin
         -Guardian ad Litem Handbook, 2nd Edition, supplement author Family Court Chapter 2004 and 2007.

Attorney Kathy Sorum

Personal Statement:   I am a 2005 graduate of the University of Wisconsin law school.  Prior to entering law school, I had extensive experience in nursing home administration.  My experience in the nursing home field gave me the desire to re-focus my career on problem solving individually with clients and their families; helping them avoid many of the problems facing the residents of my facilities.   I practice in estate planning, guardianships, elder law, and family law.


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