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What is the age at which children get to decide where they live?

If parents have equal placement of a child, will there be child support?

What is the minimum length of time that people have to be married before the court can order maintenance?

Is a married person entitled to receive back, in a property division, a pension which he/she had before the marriage?

Does Wisconsin presume that children should be equally placed between the parents?

Is a gift from one spouse to another included in the marriage and valued for property division purposes?

Can people change the tax treatment of child support or maintenance payments?

My spouse and I are getting along and generally agree on what should be happening in our divorce.  We have found forms and think we know how to fill them out.  Is there any reason for either of us to think about getting an attorney?

We are talking about filing for a legal separation instead of a divorce.  What would that mean?

Can one attorney represent both my spouse and myself?  We really want to avoid the cost of having two lawyers.

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